Ral Kan Zaammi A Hngal Lo Civui Kan Zawh Tiah A Ruah

Mizoram ah a phanmi Laitlang ralzaam lak ah kum upa bik lei a si lai tiah ruahmi kum 93 putar nih ral an zaammi hngal loin civui kan zawh tiah a ruah i thil sining pawngkam mi a hal len hna.

A kum a upat cang pin ah a hna zong a chetmi a si. “Civui hi zei tik tiang tuah a si lai. Zeitik ah dah khua lei kan tlun hna lai? tiin a hal len hna,” tiah Mizoram thawngzamh nak pawl nih an ttial.Hi kan putar konglam he pehtlai hin The Chin Journal nih a min le a khua fiang in kan thei kho lo.

[English]Unaware of the situation back home, 93-year-old Chin refugee who is almost 100% deaf has been constantly asking “How long is the conference.. when are we going back home ? He thought that they all came to Mizoram to attend some gospel meeting/conference.

Credit:The Chin Journal

Author: Salai Ephraim